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  1. New 0055 bios allows 2+v vdimm without ln2 mode + noucode version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pc91xn7ksxkucc/ROG-MAXIMUS-XII-APEX-ASUS-0055.zip?dl=0 VRM tool - run exe on boot/windows startup. New tool that might help push a bit more on the cpu side / run same freq with a bit less volts (15~mv less): https://www.dropbox.com/s/hkoydak1vm0zgpb/vrm2.zip?dl=0
  2. yy its totally ok update to the 4 cpus I posted about above. 1x 90 SP doing 5.3 GHz R15 with 1.288v Load on water = 6750 R15 1x 83 SP doing 5.3 GHz R15 with 1.296v load on water = 6700-6750 R15 both scaled to 1.7~ v on load but didn't bother much 1x 77 SP and one 63 SP failed 5.3 with 1.35v and didn't test on ln2. 63 SP one had the worst IMC by far as well.
  3. You get limited memory frequency of around 3800 if you don't use the legacy overclocking option without ucode. You need to test but cinebench benefits from having the ucode included
  4. Try the official one that has profiles in it - previous ones dont have any advantages.
  5. 1.6~ and full pot with reference vrms was good for 1600-1630. 1.65-1.67v epower (no scaling above that) and full pot was good for 1670-1680.
  6. 9800GX2 seems to post as well even tho the card is dead (artifacts) Also, posted alternative USB drivers on main post with instructions for win7. Should work fine but will verify myself tomorrow.
  7. GTX 580 boots fine - gtx 295 is dead (totally forgot about it). Will try to test the 9800gx2 next.
  8. Thanks! Yeah no big difference with our current cpu so we tested on z390 since we had OS and drivers ready.
  9. Will send some asap - ground is not ideal as this isnt the easiest card to epower but w/e 😄
  10. Tbh with all the tests today, I totally forgot. Will try to do tomorrow
  11. Btw, haven't tested other drivers yet but the usb ones for xp will work as soon as you install via device manager and disable digital signature.
  12. okie will see if I got any alive and will give it a try (295/9800gx2)
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