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  1. ok sorry just saw somebody who was selling a pot and thought to make the trhead btw ηρέμισε
  2. @Staff If I cannot post a Sale thread please delete it FS 3x2gb sticks in warranty from Corsair. One stick is dead(received it dead from Corsair's Rma time ago). So I sell two sticks.Ofcourse I will give the dead one for future Rma. The sticks can do 2400mhz @8/8/8 and 2375mhz 8/8/7 on air. Send me your offer via pm. Thanks Please delete this
  3. yeah forgot to check it,just didnt see it anywhere and got confused. anyway,do u have any ideas for these? just looked the thread,the results are not good
  4. Any idea which batch from the last batches seems to be good?
  5. hahaha ok btw ofcourse all Eist,C,etc. are disabled also will the battery leave marks?
  6. what I used: 1.65vcore on wprime.5 tries 1.60vcore 2v pll and 1.3vccio Intel burn test and prime 3x times on stock heatsink and now without cooler au 4.5g let it boot the shutdown after while.Turned it on again,shutdown after while again. did this about 10+TIMES AND STILL WORKING Ps. I play with cpu's contacts with a t-shirt to create static electr. but still alive
  7. haha lol I am trying to kill one but after many tries its still ok damn
  8. mine 3226B991 suckZZZ 5ghz 4c/8t 1.4v Spi 32m :@ wish I have a 6.6 6.7 cpu
  9. Hey I will recieve a 3226Β991 today Have you tested it under Ln2?
  10. Hey guys, I found a 3223B 3770K chip. What this batch can do? Do you have test any like it? Thanks
  11. Dear Overclockers, I am happy to inform you about the 4th Overclocking event on Greece by Battlenet Pefkakia Internet Cafe and Services,Msi,Intel Hellas and Thermaltake. The main subject is nothing else except xtreme overclocking. The participants are the following: 1st Team: Aristidis with Stellaras 2nd Team: Phil with Mortisboy and last but not least 3rd Team: FirekillerGR with Bloody K. The Hardware will be: Cpus provided by Intel Hellas Motherboards and Graphics cards thanks to MSI And PSUs from ThermalTake Some of the hardware that will be used is: Intel® Core™ i7-3960X MSI N580GTX Lightning ThermalTakeToughpower 1350W Date: 18th of February 2012 @Greece(Athens at Battlenet Pefkakia Station) 1:30AM There will be uploaded a livestreaming URL in order to have the abillity to watch it online. Here is the official poster: Yours Faithfully, Stavros(Firekiller) PS. Here is the Facebook link for the OC Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/261618580576302/
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