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  1. thanks! yes i'm using a Hailea waterchiller... It would take 6c/12t to get a really powerful score
  2. congratz! i knew you could do it...I think there is no chance to beat you with a 7970
  3. ah ok ... you are the genius who reported my submission! FYI it has been checked and approved. obviously i've used LOD tweaking... since it's a new thing, it's ordinary that you find a few submissions with a score like that ... soon you will see the new result of kingpin ... I expect your next post begins with "I'm sorry ..." . bye
  4. I did some tests with Unigine Heaven DX11 ... the score goes down about 20% ' at the moment is a very great bonus only for Vantage
  5. grazie!peccato che nn dà punti globali ... questo benchmark in dx9 è divertentissimo da ottimizzare
  6. I would like to try a asrock motherboard for the first time ... very nice!
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