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  1. it says matrix on the pcb. I have 8 or 10 of them.
  2. I got told if you in any way alter the pic no matter if it is to cheat or to do what rauf did you get a ban?
  3. But what i really could use i some Hellium then i could go near the kaby scores butt i do not have the Money for that! Mayby looking into getting some liquid neeon thats Cold too.
  4. I am on my way my board have posted with 117.5mhz bclk i i have made a cpuz screen but with corrupt jpeg at 7289mhz so i hope that delidding the cpu and using kryonaut wil give me 100-150mhz then i wil go sub 5sek smile
  5. The score checks out with elmores calculator it says that the score should be 215350 But that 1 i wrong it should not look like that.
  6. Yes i have been bannde for less in here i had a pixel error in gpuz and thet got med banned for months!!
  7. I will try soon if i can beat it but great score..
  8. I will guess that your psu is to small a 290X oced can peak at over 600w easily
  9. Count me in as well!! We need to help people in the comunity..
  10. No detail window! You have to delete this score i am sorry.
  11. Maby i should join in what do you think a 6.9ghz+ ivy will do?
  12. Mem Are at -120c they cant go any lower and they are at 1362mhz 8-10-8-24-1T farily tight