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  1. For reach 1.213V (software), unlock the BIOS with FBE. If you have unmodded (K404 mod) ref card and you wish more volts, you will try with 1.6.0x version of the MSI Afterburner for bypass the limit (the GTX 580 ref has same voltage regulator of the GTX 480 ref, so, i think this version of MSI AB can work this "trick" for GTX 580. @K404 Have you tried the BenchZowner firmware mod for disable protections? Maybe.... http://www.benchzone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=37
  2. E' il test del muletto @default, zero ottimizzazioni, più avanti lo sistemo, adesso mi serve operativo sempre questo pc
  3. Fully agree, but it begs a question: 1) Why the "old" HD 4870 should make more points for a "new" (example) HD 6450? At the time the answer is easy, because most users have posted results on the HD 4870 but we go a little deeper into the reasoning: 2) Why is the HD 4870 when output was used to bench by multiple users? Simple, because it made global point. Even more deeply into the reasoning: 3) Why do you seek nell'usato now anchors the HD 4870? Even this simple answer, because having already been used for many bench (step 2) and therefore makes a lot of hardware points. So doing 1 +1 is the result: It overclocking a greater number of cards that make points. At the end of this little argument we can deduce that if all the GPU from the beginning give high points for first place (eg type 20 points), at the time of a new model / series of GPU would be used ONLY cards that make global points but also the most economic ones at $ 20. Add a small thing, in categories such as the HD 4870 you can earn 15 points with un'overclock from daily, almost 15 points given away only to be in possession of this card, overclock the reach of ANYONE And just my little thought Sorry, Google Translate
  4. Have you ever thought of giving hwboint equally for any bench with any hardware not relative with number of the submission and keeping the same global point now? Example HW points: 1° 3DMark 2001 SE with GTX 580 = 20 points (example) 1° 3DMark 2001 SE with GT 430 = 20 points (same drop points) Example Global point: Same as now Maybe there will be problems at the beginning but after a few months good or bad hardware would be full all categories ... Look at the existing categories, those that are almost always make more points is $ 200 + GPU, the card cheaper are almost empty, the skill of the overclock also rely on inexpensive hardware. In this way also the categories of inexpensive hardware be a combat. sorry for my english P.S. I think that the important thing is ONLY the fun, I'm not interested in the points standings but the challenge
  5. Great Bob, this is the right spirit!!!
  6. OC = Super binned hardware only ? No way! overclocking is a skill, not who has the best chipset, otherwise there would be no way.
  7. ...when aspects that parents go for a walk outside to get all the available Kw meter to test the 4 way no surprises. (over 3Kw in Italy is for Paperon de paperoni budget) ...when looking for the button clr_cmos but the mobo has a jumper, and when looking for the jumper and the mobo has the button. ...when you find an occasion used some interesting hardware and you put in the queue and then IMMEDIATELY once purchased and arrived home to keep for months in the closet and forget about it. ...when the new GPU is available the first page you read is the PCB screen for estimate the VRM max power.
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