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  1. This is my gskill 3200 1.36v i love my gskill
  2. Hi,,, I have MSI Z170i Gaming Pro AC+i3 6100+patriot 8gb ddr4 3400. I flash my board to bios 1.5 (official bios) and update to bios unlock non K version 1.61 and set : OC explore mode = expert Beta runner = NOC BLCK = 108 XMP = Enable (first) ,,, and try Disable (2nd boot) vcore = 1.145v ram = 1.35v more detail on picture ..... upload pictures free i play game etc it's normally but when i restart my pc the case is : 1. blck is back to 100 2. set to xmp (it is read only 3333 = my default ram is 3400) 3. and try to all setting the bios just same as like i did before ..... it's always back to default blck 100. what wrong with my pc? thanks a lot
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