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  1. Same here. Have to write down what I am buying, what I am selling.
  2. I don't understand why everybody is asking about cpu binning...as you can see, this guy is binning cpu pots ) Nice work man.
  3. Same in Romania. The word ''any'' should have been used. Any AMD CPU+GPU.
  4. Congrats to everyone. Australia confirm that they are very strong and the team to beat. France was also really strong this year. They confirmed that their 4th place (am I right?) from last year wasn't by mistake. Indonesia has a style that I personally don't like at all. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing to share with any of them or contest their skills. Once again congrats to all of you guys! Also, I was expecting more from USA and Germany, I don't know what happend with them...
  5. Futermark Cup 2015. Also, I have a feeling that superpi won't be included in next year's Country Cup (or Futermark Cup)...
  6. Well, basically we had the same benchmark at all 4 3D stages. It's like...I'll better stop now. I hope you won't do the same sh!t next year.
  7. Unfortunately, most of our results are on air or water, so we we are still behind most of the people. @suzuki: lol.
  8. Awesome job man. ))) Now move it to the right place or ask a mod to do it.
  9. Sandbagging....well, we had good teachers last year (yes, I'm pointing to Australia and Indonesia) As far as I know, no ln2 for Romania this year, so not so much sandbagging. I see that France is strong this year.
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