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  1. Same here. Have to write down what I am buying, what I am selling.
  2. I don't understand why everybody is asking about cpu binning...as you can see, this guy is binning cpu pots ) Nice work man.
  3. Same in Romania. The word ''any'' should have been used. Any AMD CPU+GPU.
  4. Congrats to everyone. Australia confirm that they are very strong and the team to beat. France was also really strong this year. They confirmed that their 4th place (am I right?) from last year wasn't by mistake. Indonesia has a style that I personally don't like at all. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing to share with any of them or contest their skills. Once again congrats to all of you guys! Also, I was expecting more from USA and Germany, I don't know what happend with them...
  5. Futermark Cup 2015. Also, I have a feeling that superpi won't be included in next year's Country Cup (or Futermark Cup)...
  6. Well, basically we had the same benchmark at all 4 3D stages. It's like...I'll better stop now. I hope you won't do the same sh!t next year.
  7. Unfortunately, most of our results are on air or water, so we we are still behind most of the people. @suzuki: lol.
  8. Awesome job man. ))) Now move it to the right place or ask a mod to do it.
  9. Sandbagging....well, we had good teachers last year (yes, I'm pointing to Australia and Indonesia) As far as I know, no ln2 for Romania this year, so not so much sandbagging. I see that France is strong this year.
  10. Try to open cpuz straight from the archive. It might work.
  11. And I have a question: what about using water/antifreeze and ice? A lot of people is using it, but is this according to hwbot enthusiast rules?
  12. Basically, the people who use chillers should be in extreme league. I think everyone on hwbot knows that. But where are people who use chillers and still in enthusiast league. A picture with the system should be one of the rules (as it was before), but it will still not solve many things.
  13. Infrared is in extreme league, I think, so it doesn't afect you suzuki. The problem is with the guys that are benching using water chillers, and they are in enthusiast league.
  14. Is it me, or the new site is fcuked up? I am using Opera 12, and the site is very laggy. On IE is a bit better. Also, the urls are not working properly: if I click on the points that a country has on a certain stage, it redirects me to the Gigabyte challenge. Also, I couln't find a link which sends me to the scores (submissions) that a country has. If you don't understand my crappy English I will make a video to show what I am talking about.
  15. So you are not planning in giving up at this bench. What is the future for this? Will another version be available?...
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