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  1. Great Input here guys... Thanks a bunch... I am curious though what you guys are "starting off with" for settings such as VCore and Etc while testing under LN2... I'm gonna give this 5.0 @ 1.25V 32M test a try also to see if I can find any pattern in it.
  2. Hey guys... Was curious to see what you guys are doing to bin your IB chips... It's obviously not as simple as SB was... I'm sure it's the old "more than one way to skin a cat" thing as well... But I'd like to see how you guys are doing it. -David
  3. It's not ALLLL that different... It just works better and is more intuitive than the old method.
  4. If this is seriously been considered... Awesome! I'd seriously suggest checking out the full rules list for classified access over at OCF if HWBot is looking for a "template" so to speak. You'd need to add some people who are trustworthy to the support staff here... Their job would be only to moderate the marketplace sections. I realize I don't have much of a post count here... But the guys at OCF could vouch for my honesty. I also have been a moderator of several sections (one being the Buy Sell and Trade section of the largest Radio Controlled based website on the net... http://www.rctech.net ) I do have a bit of experience basically... Just throwing out an offer to volunteer... I've got the time to do it since I'm at the computer 12-15 hours a day.
  5. +1 for marketplace. I bet it'd be one of the busier sections to be honest. Right now you kinda have to hit ALL the different OC sites to find good deals / specific items... I bet if there were a marketplace here that would change.
  6. I'll only mention that I think UCBench should be eligible for Globals... Ohh... And that I now agree with those who originally said that PCM05 was broken and needed to be removed. When tweaks alone will more than double a benchmark.. It's no longer a hardware benchmark. That's a discussion for another thread though.
  7. Well... It's fixed now! Thanks!
  8. Let the Sandbagging begin!! Speaking of which... When does the competition end?
  9. Hey guys... This has been bothering me for awhile... I know... I'm far to anal. BUTTTT... In my Hardware Library I show for Video cards 2 different GTX 580's... But the only one I've ever used is a Matrix Platinum. I've gone through ALL of my submissions... And I can't find ANY that are listed without the Matrix Platinum Edition. I've even deleted any submissions for any benchmark that had 0 points... Just to eliminate all variables. So why do I have 2 GTX 580 entries in my Library? Any chance I can get this fixed? I've attached a pic to show what I mean...
  10. Yeah... I was being a bit of douche at first. For that I do apologize. Just seemed like some guys were attacking the bench for (as I understood it) no real reason. Its one of my favorite benches (oddly enough... Because of the tweakability)... So I'm a bit biased I think. LOL To me... It's more fun than watching SuperPi loops repeatedly for hours. LOL
  11. LOL... Chicken or the Egg I suppose. I just feel that the tweaks don't mean the bench is "broken"... Because it does still reward faster hardware with faster scores. I do see your point of view now though... That lesser hardware can be made to put up scores equivalent or better than faster hardware that isn't tweaked. I suppose thats a disservice to what we're trying to accomplish here.... But... I look at it as being the same as any other benchmark. They are all tweakable. LOL... Guess there is no perfect solution. We both have valid points. (I hope you'd agree...) Problem is... Neither outweighs the other.
  12. I can see your point here... But at the same time... Look at it like this... The Dual Core... with the same tweaks would then be able to stomp all over the Single Core. That is why my stance is that this is still very much a hardware bench. The hardware STILL matters. The tweaks only affect the efficiency of the given hardware. Something I myself would love to see though... Is a "total system performance" category added... I think thats much more fitting of what PCM05 actually is. BUT... I think PCM05 is the only one that truly fits this category. I haven't run PCMVantage or any of the other PCM's enough to truly make that assumption though. I leave that to you more experienced guys to debate.
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