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  1. this motherboard is not listed,please add this. http://valid.canardpc.com/2893557 Due to some unknown cpu-z bug my 1100T is shown as 1105T however in the validation file its mentioned as 1100T
  2. Congratulation! This time Sabertooth is used for the WR! Asus FTW!
  3. @kinpin Congrats brother on this great achievement. Finally the gtx680 hits 2000mhz, now the question is will the hd7970ghz edition achieve this 2000mhz feat?
  4. Yah in pc mark 05 results varies a lot. Want to see some other benches.
  5. Select high performence in power setting of windows7,disable features like c1e from bios,try to overclock further and make submission
  6. Thanks a lot guys! My account has been recovered!
  7. Mods please recover my account. I'm extremely tensed.
  8. ya,I'm getting email,they are also giving me a password and a link but when I'm clicking it they are telling me "sorry you are not logged in" please recover my hwbot user name back to Aniket again.
  9. @ Moderators, can you edit my user name back to Aniket again? Please! My mail id aniketc20@gmail.com please recover my account and send me the password in my email.
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