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  1. Post New cyrogenic refrigerator offers rapid cooling new high-frequency cooling device was recently demoed at the Maryland-based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) building. The cooler tackles several ongoing challenges, including lower external temperatures, higher frequencies, and rapid cooling. Targeted at industrial space and military applications, the "cryocooler" is able to achieve extremely cold temperatures (-370 degrees Fahrenheit) quickly, by using helium gas. The cooler operates at 120 Hz, which is twice the speed of normal cooling devices. Accordingly, a smaller oscillator is used to generate the gas flow, cutting back on the size of the cooler. The NIST claims this is all done without losing any efficiency, which has been a problem with smaller coolers in the past. The refrigeration process happens by expanding the hot helium gas to cool it down. Then, the gas enters the storage compartment of the cooler, enabling it to pick up and take away the heat from the object that's being cooled. The cryocooler repeats this process at the rate of 120 times per second to cool down devices such as astronautic instruments. Cryocooling is one of the NIST's main focuses right now, and the governmental organization says it hopes to eventually reach operating frequencies of 1000 Hz without losing any efficiency. http://www.tgdaily.com/2007/02/23/cryocooler_120hz/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -370 Farenheight is 50 kelvin, even colder than ln2. I bet kingpin, OPB, and the other die-hard overclockers are dying to get their hands on one of these. -Saucy
  2. I revised the detection keywords for the two processors, it should be a little better now. -Saucy
  3. You could flash a 6800Ultra to a 6800gt, 6800le, 6800xt, 6800nu, and 6800gto but that doesn't merit deletion of the other categories. Besides, the complaining by 320MB owners would be relentless, so I think I'll leave it as it is. But thanks anyways for the input. -Saucy
  4. Why would someone cheat on a P3 result? That's almost as pointless as cheating on an internet IQ test. But you're right, no checksum. -Saucy
  5. Saucy


    I'll be installing a supplimental cold air intake that should be good for a few more horses next week. Have any of you done anything to modify those cars?
  6. Saucy


    In Alberta Canada a few years back, you could be licensed at age 15. High accident rate ftw! I've driven a current gen STI, and it was a fantastic performer, but your right jmke, the nose is ugly. -Saucy
  7. Saucy


    Massman- You have to be 18 to get a licence in Belgium, right? Jmke- If you were to get an impreza, would you want a WRX or would you go all out and get a STi?
  8. Saucy


    Two words: Student Loan
  9. Saucy


    Hi. Lately, I've been doing a lot more tuning of my car than my computer and I'm curious to find out what the other overclockers and enthusiasts are driving. Here is my car: Its a 2004 Volvo S60R with a 3 inch downpipe and a high flow air-filter. Over the past few weeks, I've done some pretty advanced ECU tuning, and it is currently putting out about 350 bhp and 365 ft/lb torque by my best estimate. That's 140 HP/liter; not bad for a volvo. This car has a lot of lowend pull, which it is almost completely tracted by the AWD and 10.5 inch tires. But I'm sure at least a couple of you have something that can top this. I know that Ware, for one, drives a nitro-methelene dragster to work. Post some info about your car with pictures is possible. Note: The above pictures are not my own, but they are identical in appearence to my S60R, so I thought I would save some time by not having to digg up the old digital camera. -Saucy
  10. Woah, don't set voltage on auto. The PC will always be too conservative when it decides. Set Multi to 10 and voltage to 1.500v and start raising the FSB from there.
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