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  1. hello, please add the evga 131-k8-nf44-ax motherboard : https://valid.x86.fr/nhw9wh
  2. still not booting at 4800 bdie SR on M13H, still impossible to set 1t in gear 1 with DR kit ... i just want to put fire on this board
  3. i use my own win7 iso, same for xp, i have also done some 3070 bench today with win7, work great.
  4. okay, My bad... just used files in first thread and XP work
  5. finnaly i have installed xp 32, but after installation process... first boot and ACPI BSOD. I hav eused the acpi file in the first post (from OGS) but it doesn't work ?
  6. I am using 801 bios and it work perfectly with win7. with xp i just need usb (i guess) to finish setup
  7. now i have z590 sata driver but still 0x0000007b error... i'm using usb to install XP.
  8. yeah, me too, i think it's now ahci issue... no more acpi error but new bsod at xp install... btw my win7 iso work fine on my M13h with 0707 bios
  9. someone know how to add acpi z590 on XP ? i have 0x0000007b error acpi.sys
  10. Hello, i would like to install win7 on m13h but i dont have any mouse /keyboard reconized after boot on iso. any solution for it ?
  11. Still the same issue with 0801 bios on M13H ... My bdie A2 teamgroup 3200c14 xtreem 8pack can't go over 4000Mhz h24 ( 4000 flat 15 ) . really difficult to go over 4266 in bench. I have tested all bios (0703 0704 0610 0605 0005 0707 0801), nothing work fine with this bdie kit. This kit can do 4733c14 on b450i. but on asus motherboard ...nothing Someone here have a ram issue on M13 ? z590 ?
  12. Use 2 videocard(s). with or without (s), so I think that is possible to use a single videocard with 2 gpu core ?
  13. it is possible to use a single 9800gx2 for this benchmark ?
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