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  1. These are not identical. One is US, other is Taiwan, serials are different (see photo). Mobo, CPU were same, correct, but it's not a problem for a MEM stage team competition, right? To clarify: same series kit is not ok to participate at all? So you can't use two different kits of same series, like Dominator GT DDR3? Or logic is "same SPD = same kit", like you can use kit of 1866 + 2000 with no problem, but not 2000 + 2000? Anyway better to add this clarification to rules.
  2. Please add some SSDs: Kingston DC1000B, Kingston DC450R, Kingston DC500M, Kingston DC1500M. Thanks!
  3. I think platforms like AM2 / LGA 775 or newer won't have problems; Platforms like s478 / s754-939-940 are situational (50-50%); Absolutely sure, hardware older than Socket A (462) or Socket 370 / Slot 1 won't have HPET. Of course there's 1% exclusion for crazy mobos like s370 + DDR2 VIA, or s478 + G41 chipset I think community may do some doublecheck testing on old hardware.
  4. I think "HPET must be enabled for all submissions" rule should be revised. Recently I've benched socket 754 with ASRock K8 Combo-Z. There is no HPET physically, so I can't submit results now in 2021. How about allowing non-HPET results for old platforms?
  5. Got a question about rules: It's fine for TRX40, clearly. But I think LGA 3647 needs some clarification. All CPUs for this platform are Xeons, so all of them are server hardware, and can't participate, right? Or it's about motherboard? Like if you use ROG Dominus Extreme or EVGA SR-3 - you are allowed to participate (HEDT mb), but if you use stuff like Supermicro MBD-X11SPM-F (server mb) - you can't participate? Confused
  6. Please add Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD, thanks!
  7. Personally - I use only command line, with no additional config file. Like that: Run benchmark > Custom Compute a Constant > Change decimal digits to 10b > Change computation mode to swap > Far memory config > set all paths > 1 (path to RAID 0 volume) > typing location ("E:/y" for example) > doublecheck all and start. Then I use HWBOT Submitter to prepare validation file, and that's all.
  8. I see no (or didn't figure out, please tell how if so) possibility to run y-cruncher in swap mode. For example - I have an old LGA 1155 platform that can't use more than 32GB of memory, so there is no chance to run Pi-10b preset in RAM Only mode. In such cases I just plug in an old backplane + HBA with SAS HDDs, and running it like here Is there a possibility to add swap mode support for y-cruncher in BenchMate?
  9. Please add IPASON AMD_BL2 mobo, AMD A8-9820 CPU, AMD RX-8120 CPU and Radeon RX 350 GPU. http://valid.x86.fr/9fpvi3 http://valid.x86.fr/emmz9x You may know these hardware as XBOX-platform with windows compatibility
  10. Please add Supermicro P8SCT mobo, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/trxm8b
  11. Please add Ryzen 5 PRO 3400G APU, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/qa444v https://www.amd.com/en/products/apu/amd-ryzen-5-pro-3400g
  12. Is there a possibility to add rule like "No cores or HT disabling allowed" to HyperPi stage? Currently it just says "HyperPi Instances = processor/HT cores (max is 16 instances)", logically it's not clear that you may not disable cores or HT, it just says bench instances must be equal to core/HT number. Personally made this mistake, adding clarification probably will save time/effort for others
  13. It's E5 2637v2, can't delete this one, correct result here: https://hwbot.org/submission/3388572
  14. I saw something like that at russian Overclockers, pretty interesting history - https://overclockers.ru/blog/alexmaj467/show/37528/istoriya-overklokinga-zheleza-overklokerskih-komand-i-sorevnovanij-chast-1 Check this thread as well:
  15. Please add Supermicro X11SCZ-F mobo, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/lcxh4t
  16. Please add AsRock FM2A78 Pro4+ board http://valid.x86.fr/jqgvfa
  17. Works for me, thanks.
  18. +1 here, I'm a team captain. Browser doesn't matter, all the same on chrome/firefox/edge. Looks exactly like situation earlier during august 2019.
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