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  1. Is there any problem with hardware database ? Second day i can't browse anything:
  2. All of them was with SS 😉 But this is not the problem, i can easily rebench it, just want to know that i can resub, and they will be there.
  3. Most of my latest sumissions are gone too.
  4. Is there any way to make GPUPI work with windows7 ? I tried on many ways, it crashes on hwinfo, i disabled detection. Now it crashes when i try to submit score to hw bot or save result. I tried all CL's from Intel, from AMD and so on.
  5. Another question. If i submit 4 scores with different hardware does it counts ? For example the same motherboard but 4 different cpu's ?
  6. [quote] yes but you couldn't submit the 7 core score 😛 [/quote] So if i do score with for example on i5 2500k with 1 core disabled it will be ok ?
  7. [quote] nope, only for the 7core score... [/quote] It was changed ? Now i see 8 cores ? 7 cores was doable by disablng some in widows, same for 3 and so on.
  8. Unigine Superposition verification - only for paid access ?
  9. Is there any way to add/integrate some other than default benchmarks to bmate ?
  10. Awesome support from _mat_. Thank's a lot. Enabling soundcard in BIOS caused BM is up and running.
  11. By any chance there is a way to use other version of benchmate (where to download older BM) or fix this issue ?
  12. I did, just second ago. Did fresh install of Win7 with all drivers. Still same problem. I would love to join some challenges, but i can't cause of error PS. During bugreporting HWinfo crashed.
  13. Hi there. I am trying to use Benchmate with my Haswell with Asus 9600GT without succes. Any tips ?
  14. Hi there, i made submision https://hwbot.org/submission/4330886_ which is better that my last one. Hwbot didn't recalculate.
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