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  1. Agree to that. Except for manufacturer's competitions, all the other were bringing points. Best example would be DIVs where there is no price, but points. If points are off, so will be the participants. I see no fun in benching a Ryzen 5 on LN2 just to win DIV V (or whatever one). It is just waste of time and money, if no competition points are involved, because the ryzen 5 doesn't bring globals or hw points.
  2. Here are my suggestions: 1. competition points should stay, as motivation to participate. Yet, I don't like the limitation from Road to Pro Division to a single DIV points, when I can bench several platforms for different DIVs and get more competition points in the end. "Top 10 entries of current year (seasonal ranking) and top 10 all time (career ranking) count for member points, no more oc-esports/road to pro/challenger points." That sounds ok! 2. I liked better when points in competitions were percentage of top score, not fixed (50-48-46-etc). That way, you can score no 1 at the stages where you are very good (and get max of points for that score) and even scoring lower at other stages, you have a good chance to hit top3 or top5 in the end. 3. What if the points for a submission would be actual score (eventually divided by something. Ex; 3dmark 03 score of 119206 would give me 119.206 points)? That would not limit the maximum points possible and make the user try to squeeze every bit of performance for a better score. On the other hand, the user final ranking should be calculated with an algorithm that should be dependent on the number of submissions that user made over last year (just the ones that gave the ranking for each benchmark, not all submissions from that year) (basically use seasonal ranking as a parameter in final algorithm). So they lose points for global inactivity along with annual competition points. 4. I like the Career Points idea. 5. Seasonal ranking is not ok as final ranking. 6. OC Esports interface is shit, so get rid of it.
  3. Usually, 55 is from RAM, so check the latencies, if you set them manually. Or increase RAM voltage a bit. Also you can try increasing the VCCIO and/or VCCSA voltage.
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