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  1. Please add WD BLACK SN750 NVME SSD M.2 hard drive tab
  2. I made 2 submissions today and my ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE DIDN'T WOULDN'T COME UP PLEASE FIX
  3. NVMe needs to be added to DISK DETAILS drop-down PLEASE
  4. Unable to make submission to stage 3 for GPUPI .
  5. I need SystemInfo Version 4.34, unable to locate and Futuremark doesn't have a download for SystemInfo Version 4.34 . If someone can help It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello, For the last week I have not been able to open Hwbot website. Have tried everything is anybody else having this problem? It is something with windows 7 Explorer 11 browser because website opens with chrome fine. Please Help!!! . Below is how my Explorer 11 browser looks when I open it on all 3 of my computers. •Howdy stranger! • Login... •FB •TW •G+ •or register •Our Services •Help •Contact •Faq •English •Simplified Chinese •Facebook •Google+ •Twitter •LinkedIn •Rss HWBOT Worldwide overclocking league Search •Partner MSI •Partner Gigabyte •Partner Asrock •Partner G.SKILL •Partner Intel •Partner HyperX •Home • Search ◦Submissions ◦Bios/UEFI Profiles ◦News ◦Members ◦Teams •Benchmarks ◦Processor ◦Videocard ◦Memory ◦Motherboard ◦Disk • Competitions ◦Challenges ◦HWBOT Team Cup 2014 ◦MSI MOA 2014 Class B WW Qualifier ◦MSI MOA 2014 Class A APAC Qualifier ◦Rookie Rumble #8 ◦Rookie Rumble AMD #5 ◦HyperX OC Takeover 2014 Far East Qualifiers ◦ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Qualifier ◦GIGABYTE Z97 - Pentium AE Beat the Heat Challenge • Hardware ◦ HWBOT Testlab ◦ Browse videocards ◦ Browse processors ◦ Browse motherboards ◦ Browse memory ◦ Browse disks ◦ Browse power supplies ◦ Compare videocards ◦Compare processors • Rankings ◦Live Overclocking Competitions ◦HWBOT Pro OC ◦Overclockers Ranking ◦Hardware Masters ◦Team league ◦Country league •forum • XTU Zone ◦XTU Information ◦XTU Certified Products ◦XTU Records ◦Compare XTU
  7. New i7 4790k 4.8 hz 1.25v, wprime 4.956 4.9hz 1.33v both passed Intel extreme tuning utility stress test, Wprime 4.771 on Asrock Z97 Extreme 6 Micro center bundle deal $129 board $279 cpu unable get 5hz, almost verified at 1.47v bsod . vid 1.2
  8. 4790K From Micro center, PA Cinebench R15 968 4788G 1.28 from Multimeter
  9. I think I may have hit the lottery Cinebench @4.9 with 1.4v h2o xmp 2400 memory I like to thank Hwbot forum for batch # info and my local Micro center rep for looking for batch #,s I requested.
  10. Please forward that rule to me please tried to review the rules that web page is unavaliable
  11. I tried to look for that rule and the rules for pc mark 5 are unable to be upload to read, please forward that rule to me and I will delete my submission. I just download the benchmark and ran it I have to many points to cheat. you must have a lot of time on your hands to be reviewing my submission no disrespect intended.
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