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  1. I have been hoarding a brand new X99 setup for over a year and am finally about to set it up but i have some questions for you guys.. the MOBO is Rampage V Extreme the cpu is 5820k BATCH # L431B929 my question. should i get good OC base off batch # or should I buy newer J batch and return old chip? current system only i5-760 @ 4.2ghz from 5 year ago FIRST i5 generation =b
  2. so due to some bills I am not going to be able to watercool this chip if anyone is interested I am looking for 420 shipped for this 56X+ chip before it goes on eGay
  3. well you get the point... If I was part of a ''team'' I wouldnt mind benching this and that but confused on where to start I know im not benching my hardware for you guys on hwbot to benefiit from it but im sure everyone wants more points dont ya??
  4. Some money is coming my way and I will be setting up a custom water loop when the Switch 810 case is released would like to get into the know as to what I should/could bench that would be benifitical to the HWBOT/forums with around 5.2 - 5.4 ghz (5.5+ requires LN2) I would like to do both 2d/3d but only have 3dMark11/Vantage installed at the moment.
  5. It is a LOTTERY you win some you loose some.. some are amazing payouts some are decent some suck.. its a luck of the draw man test it and come back with results I never would have known my chip could boot 56x+ if I didnt give it alot of volts but its nice to know if you dont get a super low voltage chip you will probably get a super high multi =b
  6. at 57x I have seen a few diff things which all result in me having to reset the CMOS : Blinking line flashes a few times then freeze Blinking line says Windows animation starts to animate freeze Press F8 before that puts me to safe mode screen and their were a few others remind you this is with an asus p8p67 pro default settings except for a few things basiclly ultri high llc and manual voltage with xmp ram settings all i changed and disabling ht/cores
  7. I am able to boot 57x see the blinkin line and windows options if i press F8 but it's the temps im sure running a 1m PI @ 55x and it hit 81c but I dont even need such a high multi chip mainly need one that can do 50x@1.39v OR UNDER lols looks like im going to be going water pretty soon after I get my income tax check Switch 810 such a sweet case!! I am currently seeking a 2500k that can meet that hopefully I dont get another fail chip lols..
  8. I just got tired of trying... when I set multi to 57x i can see the windows options but cant boot to windows never tried 58x - 60x The best I was able to boot was like 100.3x56 for like 5622 or something under 5650 Here is the best SuperPi 1M I was able to get with 30$ 1600XMP C9 G.Skill ram 6.830!!
  9. Whats funny is this is around my 6th CPU had 3x 2600k and 2x 2500k and I never tested their max multi's.. only try to find one that runs 5ghz under or around 1.400v so I don't have to spend 200$ on a loop but my luck not so good... still this is nice! like my i5-760 was amazing clocker on air!! What does a x56 multi+ cpu sell for? I am willing to give a good deal to someone that will put it under LN2 and become some sort of record holder with it lols!
  10. What does it mean if I set the multi to 57x it shows a blinking line and then says Windows but freezes before the logo animation/welcome screen? I know the problem here is temp because it's on 20$ 212+ want to try 58x multi but need to understand how to tell if it's working or would never boot! "You just need to see the windows OS options, not actually boot into windows. If your CPU can show the different OS options, stability will just be function of Vcore and temperature. If it doesn't show the OS options, you will never get it stable anyways, so you might as well ditch the CPU." Does this mean I want to smash F8 and not even try to get into windows?? Thanks heres a pic of lower speed stable!
  11. heres mine # 3126C259 max multi 56x only have 212+ air cooler =(
  12. I have a 2700k that I am most certain is a silicon lottery winner but due to my lack of expertise/funds I would never attemp LN2 or whatever those extreme cooling methods are.. I do want to setup a water loop eventually.. NEVER LOADED @ THESE VOLTS !! Sorry for the big picture dont know how to resize.. Basiclly seeking advice from you guys whether or not this chip is something special or just average I might sell it or wet it up!!
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