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  1. Alby, you cant leave, don't you dare. Dont make me have to come over there. I will hunt you down, and I will .. ..buy you a beer .. or four Thanks for your all your help over the years, I hope that fountain of knowledge and maturity remains.
  2. Yeah, needs to be more factual than a 2am Trump tweet.
  3. Just tried again to sub a 1M to uat version, same error
  4. I am having a lot of Error 500's since last night. Managed to upload a result after many tries for 32M, but cannot upload a 1M due to Error 500?
  5. AG-TAS

    Happy new year

    All the best for 2019 to all
  6. Why the change? Forgive me if I'm mistaken but wasn't this in the rules to happen on 1st December, at the start of the comp?
  7. Just add a gpupi stage and neil will be there.
  8. Well done USA on taking last round. We'll be back next year to try and complete a clean sweep. Ggs to all who participated. Many thanks to mwave.com.au for their help.
  9. Yeah , it's well organised and done fairly. We keep getting Bob(NZ) to do it coz we love his sexy face and voice Often guys will throw into the pool, gear they have no more need for , or duplicates. Helps spread access to gear and therefore opportunities to learn new stuff. Yes, Websmile, we do love the team session for CC. It's become a tradition to include a bus trip through the Barossa Valley vineyards too, to break up the long benching days. Can get quite messy as some of our pics show lol. Shout out to the guys at Cybergamer for giving us full access to their venue in Adelaide, big space. Much better room than the gaming venue last year, where I realised how a caged hen must feel like :0 Thanks to all the sponsors for the prize pools for everyone, in particular Gigabyte here in Aus.
  10. It certainly helped to keep temps level. The more powerful cards chewed through LN2 quick, so I reckon a gpu pot would be just constant pouring.
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