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  1. Thank you so much Strunkenbold. Now I will able to rebench my rage cards without problems. I have only one question... I tried to download it with the link in the first post but at the end i find only the last release. It's good?
  2. Maybe there is caps problem? If i were you, I would try to replace them
  3. Awesome score! Well done I bought the same mainboard, new boxed, never opened, but mine won't boot up. I have only one CPU an Athlon 750Mhz Pluto, this one was not new but used; Do you think that Aopen AK72 required bios update to run it? Or my CPU is dead? Do you have a particolar bios version? Thank you Claudio
  4. Hi gumanoid, it's very simple Go to powerstrip's overclock tab, there are two icons, if you click on them, you will able to change the limit
  5. Same point of view. I noticed myself that agp clock speed is important. Do you prefer BX440 or Via? At the moment , I,m focused on VIA
  6. Me too Do you think that Rage Fury Maxx can beat the simple Rage 128pro?
  7. Hi havli, I like your scores nice one We know how to do well with ATI Rage 128 and 3DMark 99.
  8. Troppo buono sburnolo peccato che la abit sia morta pochi minuti dopo aver catturato lo score . Avrei potuto limare ancora un po'... Del tutto inutile in ogni caso non avendo una GeForce 2 TI o Ultra
  9. It's incredible same bench in the same time I have done this score at low voltages and you? Even if I will increase them, it will be more or less the same with air cooling.
  10. Awesome score gradus! Qimonda chips are not easy to find, it depends like other hardware where you live. In italy for example are rare.
  11. Incredibile come sempre Ho visto che usi una enermax twister storm... Come ti trovi pressione statica mantiene le promesse? Per ora io uso delle scythe ultra kaze 3000rpm 12cm
  12. Bell risultato mat io non ho postato avendo visto il tuo score; Phenom II + x850 non rendeva come la tua combinazione. Mi serviva una 7800-7900 ma non ho trovato niente
  13. Bello ho portato sfiga al tuo phase... appena sono entrato in casa e mi ha visto il phase si รจ spaventato
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