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  1. Hello,i tired...i tried everything,alot of profiles,alot of guides,the guide from msi also.....in the end i stabilize my system at 5.0gz 1,315v..but my tempetures are high not sure...at Cinebech i get 94c and on Intel Extreme Tuning Bechmark 93c,in Prime95 no avx no errors and around 85c after 30min.in game 2 hours (Blade and Soul full grafics)i get max 60c ,i tried the turbo boost only(4,8zh) and on Cibech and Intel Exrteme Tuning Bechmark test i get 66c how is this possible....and i have custom loop watercooling EK-KIT X360(- Radiator: EK-CoolStream XE 360 (Triple)- Radiator size: 400 x 130
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