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  1. I can't use TurboV Core on Win XP I'm getting "can't open asio.sys (2)" error notification. What am I doing wrong? Or is there a different way to change CPU multiplier in Win XP? --- Update: After some tinkering I found out that TurboV Core 1.02.02 from Apex X OC Pack works. It is a bit buggy, but it does what it should. Unfortunately no version of Mem Tweak It seems to be working properly. Neither ASrock Memory Configurator
  2. I got quite surprised it went so smooth now I was nearly sure my money is forever gone. As for now I'm quite inactive in terms of OC. Big thanks to Xtreme Addict for showing me this thread :celebration:
  3. I had 2 deals with Hazzan - 3770K and 3930K. I was really satisfied so I placed order for binned Haswell (at release). I paid 250 USD in advance. After some time Hazzan cancelled the deal but I never got my money back Despite numerous reminders.
  4. Absolutelty amazing job! Keep it up
  5. No, I haven't issues like that. BTW Your QX9650 is quite nice Mine wouldn't pass 5200 MHz
  6. And what about nV? GeForce 5 series is no match for Radeon X8xx series and is mostly on AGP, when 925X boards are PCIe. Shouldn't be there GF 6 series?
  7. Think about it. There is thermal probe in TIM, layer of copper (heater), layer of TIM, layer of copper (LN2 container), thermal probe in TIM. When you turn the heater on, it would be quite strange if both thermal probes shown the same temperatures. It is rather obvious, that probes will show different temperatures. Springs are equally compressed, threads are of different length. I turned off and on the heater under -190 oC to simulate stress.
  8. It was exactly 261 W load. I must admit it was quite fun for me to make this test The only downside was, that I had to "waste" LN2 which could be used for OCing I heated the pot to 50 oC (cured the paste) before pouring LN2.
  9. Thanks Well, that is a good point. In near future I intend to check some of the pastes using i7-3770K with full pot, just to see which one offers best CPU-Z frequency and which performs well with e.g 3DM 06 CPU test. I also plan to check more TIMs. As you see in the picture below I have much more, then are included in the roundup right now
  10. I also thought of that. For example it could be like this, that what you can buy now in shop, as Gelid GC-Extreme is not exactly the same, as it used to be at the GC-Extreme introduction to the market. But keep in mind - it is only my assumption.
  11. Yes, ryba means fish in Polish There is no CPU in my test. I used dummy load (set of resistors), that is usually used to check perfomace of phase change cooling. By the way, it seems, that AAB TG3 is rebrand of Phobya HeGrease Extreme (all parametrs are the same), although it is not official info.
  12. I also speaked with Xtreme Addict bout EVGA Frostbite. This paste shoud perform better in my opinion. He said that it needs very high pressure to work well. I didn't test it, since I wanted to give each paste equal chance. So every single TIM was given exactly the same pressure (you can see in the pictures, that pot springs were compressed, but not extremely tight).
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