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  1. i remember I have that gpu, and it was really punishing
  2. But why? I don't think R20 will even works on windows 7. But even if R20 works on windows 7, windows 7 have no app store.....
  3. Which cinebench is more hardware demanding?
  4. everything as long as the melody that I like
  5. Radeon 610 Radeon 620 Radeon 625 ,Radeon 630 Radeon R9 A375 Celeron G5920 (This cpu will release in May 27th, 2020, not sure if that okay to add the cpu that is not released yet) Radeon Pro Vega II
  6. https://www.kingston.com/us/ssd/a400-solid-state-drive
  7. Hi, I find the cpu that come from uodo (the single board computer) is not in HWBOT database, cloud you add V1605B in database? Or it's not allowed to be added because it's embedded cpu? I neither benchmarked it, nor i have it.
  8. just separated from cpu die. Still, it's blown up my mind that fitting the GTX 1650 level thing in the cpu
  9. I miss the day of the shine of APu's , but nvm we have ryzen to godstomp intel
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