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  1. Try to set PBO i Have all 1000W 1000A 1000A max what can board give is 170A EDC she can chose what she need. https://hwbot.org/submission/4638733_dziarson_superpi___32m_ryzen_5_5600x_5min_54sec_403ms i
  2. I think it is more so that FB and instagram are more interesting than some OC there, people today only see 6 "of their phone, and how to take a photo of someone who has fallen instead of giving him a hand to get up
  3. Im use Asrock pro4 no S OC is not easy but automatic OC is working fine 4.6 i5 6600K rock stable . All on automatic OC +AI tunning program Overclocking, overclocking, and much more! Like overclocking.
  4. How many pieces of this motherboard will be in production ??
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