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  1. @marco.is.not.80 2. iirc it will only work if you have LLC 4 or 5 set and its supposed to help with transient response so if you compare with and without the tool during a transient-heavy load you should see a minor improvement in load voltage needed. Personally I didn't see any real improvement in R20 at all (not a transient-heavy load and specially on 10900K the cache is now large enough for mem oc to be kinda irrelevant, went from like 200 points stock -> tuned on 9900K to like 20 points) and not a significant difference in OCCT Large AVX2 (transient-heavy). Lower voltage needed for
  2. Hi! Looking to get a 10900K that performs well on ambient loop, somewhere around the area of <1.32v load 5.4 GHz R20 and/or <1.24v load 5.3 GHz R20. No subzero-requirements, just looking for a great ambient daily chip. Shipping to Sweden.
  3. Payment recieved on both remaining items and shipping out within a day. Thanks for the space Hwbot
  4. Dark-buyer seems to have died so Dark is available again with a price drop. Also dropped the price on the 9900KS and if anyone wants to buy both together I'll deduce €25 from the total.
  5. Dark has been sold, awaiting payment. Added my 9900KS since I no longer have a board to put it in 😏
  6. Update: Sold the kit, also price drop on the Dark!
  7. Update: Since I no longer have a Z390-board I may as well sell my 9900KS! 9900KS - 5.3 Daily 5.4 Bench R20 - Price €525 + Shipping - Sold It's delidded (aka no warranty), comes in original packaging and if desired I can include my direct die-frame. I ran this daily on my XI Apex @ 5.3 GHz (4.9 cache) with 1.425v set LLC5 or 1.365v set LLC6 (OCCT Large AVX2 stable with fully tuned 4400 16-16-16 B-die @ 1.25v io/sa). Same test passed on the Z390 Dark with 1.41v set -50% vdroop. Benches 5.4 GHz R20 with jedec ram @ 1.35v load, tuned ram needs some voltage but is definitely do-able
  8. Seems like all the dropbox links from OP went 404? friend getting the same.
  9. Very nice core clock, what temps are you holding it at with the chiller?
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