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  1. @marco.is.not.80 2. iirc it will only work if you have LLC 4 or 5 set and its supposed to help with transient response so if you compare with and without the tool during a transient-heavy load you should see a minor improvement in load voltage needed. Personally I didn't see any real improvement in R20 at all (not a transient-heavy load and specially on 10900K the cache is now large enough for mem oc to be kinda irrelevant, went from like 200 points stock -> tuned on 9900K to like 20 points) and not a significant difference in OCCT Large AVX2 (transient-heavy). Lower voltage needed for no WHEA during the "easy" parts perhaps but it would crash regardless with the heavier parts (this is with tightly tuned b-die to maximize avx load bandwidth). Wasn't really enough of a game changer for me to consider it worth dailying as I haven't heard of it being guaranteed safe over 2-3 years. Falkentyne will probably give you more info, he's the one who's worked on it with Shamino from Asus but on a M12E. 3. 10700K and 10900K are rated for 245A "thermally supported indefinitely" according to the datasheet so in theory 245A @ TJMAX (100c) for the duration of the warranty period, i.e. 3 years? 190A is definitely fine for stability testing!
  2. Hi! Looking to get a 10900K that performs well on ambient loop, somewhere around the area of <1.32v load 5.4 GHz R20 and/or <1.24v load 5.3 GHz R20. No subzero-requirements, just looking for a great ambient daily chip. Shipping to Sweden.
  3. Payment recieved on both remaining items and shipping out within a day. Thanks for the space Hwbot
  4. Dark-buyer seems to have died so Dark is available again with a price drop. Also dropped the price on the 9900KS and if anyone wants to buy both together I'll deduce €25 from the total.
  5. Dark has been sold, awaiting payment. Added my 9900KS since I no longer have a board to put it in 😏
  6. Update: Sold the kit, also price drop on the Dark!
  7. Update: Since I no longer have a Z390-board I may as well sell my 9900KS! 9900KS - 5.3 Daily 5.4 Bench R20 - Price €525 + Shipping - Sold It's delidded (aka no warranty), comes in original packaging and if desired I can include my direct die-frame. I ran this daily on my XI Apex @ 5.3 GHz (4.9 cache) with 1.425v set LLC5 or 1.365v set LLC6 (OCCT Large AVX2 stable with fully tuned 4400 16-16-16 B-die @ 1.25v io/sa). Same test passed on the Z390 Dark with 1.41v set -50% vdroop. Benches 5.4 GHz R20 with jedec ram @ 1.35v load, tuned ram needs some voltage but is definitely do-able, sub -> link. Also does P95 Small AVX2 5.3 GHz around 1.3v load but pulls around 230A 300W which felt a little 🤔 so didn't verify stability for long but it only hits around 80c thanks to the magic of Optimus block + direct die. IMC is amazing for daily, 4400 16 tight with 1.25v io/sa, 4700 17 tight with 1.325v io/1.425v sa. Chip is not tested on LN2 at all and IMC has not seen any 2v testing! Tested its scaling in R20 with jedec ram way back with the following results: ------------------------------------ Got these two parts for sale as I no longer need them: EVGA Z390 Dark - Price: €390 €325 + Shipping Sold Originally bought here on hwbot but had to RMA due to some issues with the board. This is replacement board from EVGA, I've tested it to confirm all things work as they should but other than that it's "new". Note: the original box art cover is missing so this only comes with the black cardboard box. All accessories included. More pictures (let me know if more are desired): https://imgur.com/a/pXqnGKR G.Skill 4000c15 Royal Silvers - Price: €265 + Shipping Also bought here on hwbot from Websmile (link to thread below). Barely touched other than to confirm that they function, ended up not having any use for them personally. Original packaging as pictured, sticks still have the protective film on them. Kit #1 from this thread: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/196458-fsgalax-corsair-b-die-48004266/ Prices are with Paypal friends & family. If you want to pay through goods & services that's fine too but you cover the fee. Shipping from Sweden.
  8. Seems like all the dropbox links from OP went 404? friend getting the same.
  9. Very nice core clock, what temps are you holding it at with the chiller?
  10. Sounds like a fun benchmark, I love optimizing mem for daily so this is right up my alley if its aimed at non-maxmem.
  11. Late update but I'm a nut for daily tuning and as far as 1T vs 2T goes, 4200 16 1T is very, very close in performance to 4400 16 2T in stuff like time spy cpu, superpi etc., I just like pushing the daily stuff to the limit. 😉 As an answer to my own question I tested two different kits and it was definitely a kit-limitation that had a roof at 4200 1T as it was easy to go beyond that on the other two kits.
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