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  1. @websmile, thread necromancy in hope of better future?
  2. In this case usually jpg helps, I had this when submitting PNG screenshots to old school comp, when they were 3 MB in size, jpg cuts it down to 100k and does the job.
  3. Mine didn't run at all and they appear gone - both of them are heavily artifacting. Someone planned to do 2x7950GX2, but I also miss it.
  4. Great competition, I love that platform and next time I have to start benching before 3 days to deadline I burnt a DFI Ultra-D and ripped off a pin from FX-60 trying to clean burnmarks, but it still works Realbench is OK, but can't it be a bit shorter? 10 mins for encoding test is test for patience. Ice Storm - no idea, I wasted 4 hours trying to get SLI from 7900 GTX working and then I ran it with single GPU on default and moved on. Couple of excellent results, stellar performance by Stelaras, well done! I'd love to rebench this with proper preparation, so maybe we do similar round next year?
  5. It is CPU bound, 6950x on air beats 6600k on LN2 by far.
  6. I ran 4k 13-20-20 with 2.03V on big OCF, but needed 2T from 3866 up. 3800C12 1T was a sweet spot for me. But great sticks you found there.
  7. Why don't they release the CPUs to stores instead?
  8. Sorry for digging up so old result, but... do you remember what vgpu did you use?
  9. Any left? I'd take 2 of each, PM on its way.
  10. But the result is impressive anyway, so close to 190k. I wondered only why CPU is low, I thought it's going to make something like 6.5-6.6 in 2001 after seeing your XTU, it's much better than mine and mine does 6400 in 2001 quite easy.
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