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  1. Well done, At least this one is working compare to that steeringwheel lol
  2. Yeah my chip was like that too, only 2 strong cores, and at the end degraded because of some crazy cinebench 11.5 runs and almost lost 200Mhz on 6 cores. It was many years ago but i'll check my benching tools and also my memory lol , feel free to contact me at farjam1990@gmail.com (or "farjam_6990" on instagram) to check things, i believe i should have my old OSs and some other tools on our old shed's pc lol
  3. Damn i missed testing AMDs so much ! good job mate, nice efficiency on this clock
  4. when was the last time amd took a meaningful cpu wr? nice work
  5. Hi guys i'm using this method but strangly those edges were not a problem at all [maximus viii gene], i'm just using some thick Tape,they fix cpu on socket and also help the die to handle pot pressure,thats a messy method but works fine in short times. pot directly on die[gelid between them] = cinebench 6200 and xtu 6140mhz and it was good for a chip that can not pass cinebench more than 5900 and 5800 xtu with "pot on ihs" method i had not grizzly and i was using a [maybe] rotten Gelid , but i used the same thermal paste for those bench sessions.
  6. Thanks behzad and michael, this run was without Slow-mode edit: damn i missed save file for 2101 : http://www.8pic.ir/images/v8j1qhuzcoxizi4zpla9.jpg
  7. Thanks guys, when you have "behzad Tak" on your side there is no way the performance can go wrong lol
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