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  1. Thanks fellas! It was a pretty frustrating session but I was finally able to pull out some subs before I finished
  2. we all have our opinions what marc said is completely possible, but so is everything beepbeep said. JL could be a very good bencher who is just really careless/thoughtless/unorganized/etc. However, JL could be a cocky motherfrucker whose arrogance ended up getting the best of him. For those of us who like to see the good in people, we may like to think he is just careless and made honest mistake. But just because we like to think that, does not make it true. Regardless, we will probably never know the whole truth of what happened. Whether he made a careless mistake or was cheating and got caught, he is a m.o.r.o.n. either way Good riddance :woot:
  3. havent tested it any further yet. I had to test a different chip (3213Cxxx) so i can sell one of them because i need money I will test it more thoroughly sometime soon and definitely post some results!
  4. i think thats the same batch i posted last week.. it did 6.81 4c8t 1M
  5. do keep in mind that a 6.6 chip isnt usually 6.6 for 3d ... maybe you would be king at CPUZ and 1M
  6. yeah my temps were unusually low... probably the lowest ive seen so far on all my chips. I was quite surprised
  7. is this the bios youre talking about? E7737IMS.MOA http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/BIOS/E7737IMS.MOA
  8. it's very, very sad. imagine what kind of person they are in real life if they have to cheat online. no morals, no values, no integrity. weak human beings.
  9. get some! :nana:
  10. 3225B593 5.0g, 4c8t, 32M @ 1.345v 6.81g, 4c/8t, 1M @ 1.895v
  11. whats the difference between the vid mod and the vcore mod? vcore mod is with 100ohm VR pot..
  12. 1. for those of us without the P0 bios, 1300 bios, or 1500 bios .. these bios are only for MOA invites? 2. where to find information about vgpu hardmod? just solder VR to the vcore pin on controller? 3. any suggestion for benching with the stock LN2 bios?
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