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  1. No one even cares about benching, unless its Iron!!! Get to the gym and stop the shop!!
  2. Not back!!! I am not benching regularly again. Just testing afew CPU that's all mostly for OCUK/Caseking uses.
  3. Did Rauf have one good Cpu?? I missed that. Then starts gobbling off. Oh dear!! Allen is doing nothing wrong here. All this seems like unnecessary jealousy to me. You can all buy cpu's soon guys :-)
  4. Great work Allen. Solid efficient result as always. Kabylake looking strong for Oc. Open Bench Table no need?? Some guys will always moan. I would too if I looked like them.
  5. O.B.T Hoodies now in stock. Only 30 dollars inc with free gift!!
  6. Ok so this guy buys a 780ti, his mum knocked it from the desk and killed it. Cracking the core. So at an event he attended I was at i gave him a 980 which at the time was worth 400-450 so he could have fun and bench. I also supplied him with a SOC force Z97 after I finished benching it. He promptly destroyed one slot pretty much hanging off the board oh and bent ever pin in the socket. He was not up front about this damage and returned it to me. I saw it and ofcourse knew no company would RMA this. But I asked our Gigabyte rep a favour and it has been fixed. No one else period would get this repaired it's warranty void. But I help out. I will refund your postage no problem your board is RMA declined. Check your account in 24 hours.
  7. My new design will start in black first up then on to full RGB within the first 6.4 days of sale.
  8. Coming soon........... 8Rack your on Crack bench table... Features -Low Cost Premium Feel -Ultra light Weight -Built in insulation -Ultra portable. -Assembly in under 20 seconds -RGB flex technology Full assembly instructions coming soon to OCTV's Twitch channel. Oh dear me!!!
  9. TitanX is only available from nvidia world wide. No online store has it outside systems and only then within very high end offerings. Just buy one from nvidia direct in your region. Ofcourse you can get if you pay full whack. But as u don't care about ranking etc why even start the thread in the first place. Surely ES and Titan X Pascal is only for rankings?? You can have fun. With any rag tag junk hardware. Reading between the lines u mean u can't get these CPU or GPU for free so no one should be able to use them as u have to buy at full retail.. Full blown ret@rded thread.
  10. Seems totally engineered to try improve on the usual viewing figures on OCTV twitch channel of 15 per hour. This for sure is not overclocking...
  11. Hold on u dropped a full turd in 12 xxx s. Must have turbo technology on you ass man or drop the load of a wood pigeon.
  12. 8 Pack


    Without sponsors they are nothing. Forum members are expendable...
  13. I think you have enough guys already to pay top dollar for this site :-) Anyone drops there 5 bucks I am in as a non benching sponsor.
  14. So many points on hwbot so dam easy. Good work big guy. Best reconfigure hwbot algorithm to accommodate this....junk bench most points .. I wonder why? Hey you try ragging the monitor out on the run for a boost?
  15. Hey Clarke Kent your amazing..... Thanks Superman your the best too... Hey Daniel Schier your great ..... Thanks Dancop you the greatest too.. High fives between the two... Sharing and commenting on yourself... Insecure?? Great Galax cards no soldering needed ;-).
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