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  1. I've submitted a wrong result, got it deleted, but I still own 5 achievements that doesn't belongs to me.

    They are Collect 1 golden cup ,Reach top-1000 of Overclockers League ,Reach top-750 of Overclockers League, Reach top-500 of Overclockers League , Reach top-200 of Overclockers league.


    I already recalculated all achievements but it was useless.

  2. After I've submitted that last wPrime result in the picture I'd take a look in my profile and suprise, I got seven new achievements, without being participating of the OC League nor contributed to hwbot. These links are also broken.








    I'm so sorry, I just did a wrong submission.

    Already deleted the wrong result.


    Update 2:


    The rankings are OK, but I still have 6 achievements that doesn't belongs to me.

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