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  1. Love all the work you're putting into this mat!
  2. That's the plan with the trim pots. To have some sockets of sorts so it's just a matter of finding the correct pots and you can plug them in. The vmm meters can either be supplied by me (not likely for now) or the user can just buy them of off ebay or other sites and solder them in. And four is what's there now, I do have a 2 spot version, but 4 is slightly more efficient to manufacture. I could do terminals for stuff, but I don't trust the connections if the board is going to be moved around a lot (I know there are holes for mounting it to something.)
  3. Ah, thanks for the input @MrGenius! And I realize this isn't for everyone, just wanted to throw something on the internet that some might like.
  4. http://www.blackviper.com/service-configurations/ is what I use. There are scripts out there, but I can't remember where they are on the net.
  5. The info above seems good right? I added more info after @Noxinitereplied to a pm I sent them on ocn forums. Didn't want to bump this when I added the info so it would clog up other threads in the feed on main page.
  6. Decided to ask some other members about this thing. I forgot to add what it does, why you would use it, and how to use it. This is for FB (feed back) mods. What this board allows is for cleaner mods on a graphics card or motherboard. Having the trim pots off the card/mobo removes the need for gluing the pots and or switches to the modded device which gives you more space for coolers or additional cards or even more insulation. While yes they are small and most often out of the way, this will allow the mod to look cleaner and be less of a pain to hookup with less guessing which switch leg or pot leg you need. It also has spots for the 3 wire voltage meters you commonly see on amazon, ebay, banggood, or similar sites. Oh! There is one ground wire so you don't have to run several of them for each switch/trim pot. The board can be powered via usb or soldered on cable that supplies 2.5-30v (this is the range of voltage the mini volt meters use.) As you can see in the image above, there are four holes. Those are M3 sized holes so you the user can attach it to something like cardboard or a small piece of wood for secure mounting of the board.
  7. Hi there! I was directed to this subforum to post a survey for interest on a volt mod pcb a friend and I created. The files for the board are open source and on my github page. If anyone wants them, just let me know and If allowed, I will post the link to them. https://forms.gle/SsqLTnhwMYSPTzk48 This survey is just to gauge interest in this product to see if you all would like to own one. The email collection is to inform those who take this survey of when they go into production and other news related to the vmod board. It will not be used for any other reasons nor be given out to anyone. In the survey before the render of the board, there is a short description of what it is for and why it was made. (moderators/admins sorry if this isn't allowed, I understand if this is removed)
  8. First image is if I view my profile while not logged in. Second one is when I am logged in. Have cleared cache and cookies, and still get the same errors.
  9. I probably won't be going sadly. Can't get a ride there nor pay for the hotel. glhf!
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