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  1. Buyer refund. thread can be close thanks hwbot
  2. Please edit my detail in public post
  3. 546 usd is 500 euro. I ask 500 euro whitout custom and fees
  4. For sale Gskill tridentX F3-2600C10D-8GTXD Run 2800 9-12-12 whit OCF profile Sold!!! Payment Paypal
  5. For sale 4770K very light ln2 used (only 50 L) Batch L314 whitout blue box (mice eat ) Not delidd! http://hwbot.org/submission/2904184_dhemon_gpupi_for_cpu___1b_core_i7_4770k_4min_21sec_38ms http://hwbot.org/submission/2903764_dhemon_hwbot_prime_core_i7_4770k_7111.99_pps http://hwbot.org/submission/2903761_dhemon_cinebench___r11.5_core_i7_4770k_13.46_points (6.1 ghz) http://hwbot.org/submission/2904181_dhemon_aquamark_geforce_gtx_780_ti_540706_marks http://hwbot.org/submission/2904186_dhemon_3dmark05_geforce_gtx_780_ti_69299_marks Not validate max frequency, i reach 6.5 2c 2t. i think around 6.6 ghz.. 500 Euro + Shipping Payment Paypal. First Test! Monster cooling scale, temp are around -100 whatsapp photo
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