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  1. AAAAAAAAAAla!!, jejeje, venga ahi puntos, muy buen trabajo Pakito!!
  2. Hi!! I sell my sli with waterblock, do you want to make me an offer with shipping included? http://hwbot.org/submission/2430847_zupernico_3dmark_vantage___performance_2x_geforce_gtx_295_46499_marks Regards!
  3. I was testing a Ati 290x to 1.4v, may be why??
  4. The mine was very good, 5200 all benchs by watercooling
  5. Hi! Yesterday my RIVE gave error b7 with two bios and my 3960x. Today i tried it with another RIVE, but the same error b7. The processor is broken?
  6. Thanks Terraraptor, Yes, It's very good score, in Fire strike extreme is very good too, but in 3dvantage is bad bad, my titan is better.
  7. Pues espero mejorarla, cuando arregle la placa o la cambie, que me dejo a medias de este test , a ver si es posible.
  8. Hi Guy, Have an error of understanding on PCMark05, xp startup must be less than 220. you reported to me one submision to be lower than 220 $) and yours give more than 220 which is incorrect. Regards.
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