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  1. I saw that TAGG removed his score on x3370. X3370 s.775 is not allowed (ddr2 x265 1080p s.775)? Best regards
  2. Yes. Nh-d14 + 3nh-15s fans and open window (~36F).
  3. Good job Bro I'm weak in tweaking winXp for spi...have to work harder I've tested my both ReX's...500:9(5:8) easy...but on 1:2 max 490:9 ;__; After then I reached 650 bootable on #2 and 655#1 I felt like noob (cpu air) ;__; Still I have to learn a lot about 775 *.* Best Regards
  4. I will accept defeat...I saw Your results on fb...very big respect Bro Can't go below 10.200s...still have to work especially on winxp...but I'm very happy to be a part of this challenge...very good lesson for me Best Regards:)
  5. ViNG

    i7-4790K 5.9GHz CB R15 capable & GTX 480 lightning

    It's hard to sell this beautiful card
  6. ViNG

    The Purge™

    Bump Can You send me PM...how many of L3014 do You have? Best Regards
  7. ViNG

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    THX a lot Bro for mems:) Best Regards !!!
  8. THX a lot Bro for Hypers Best Regards
  9. Is E3120 (775) allowed ? (Legacy: PiFast).