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  1. ViNG

    Hailea HC500A

    Hi. Is this unit still available? I'm living in Wisconsin (Kenosha) I could pick up... Best Regards
  2. I saw that TAGG removed his score on x3370. X3370 s.775 is not allowed (ddr2 x265 1080p s.775)? Best regards
  3. Good job Bro I'm weak in tweaking winXp for spi...have to work harder I've tested my both ReX's...500:9(5:8) easy...but on 1:2 max 490:9 ;__; After then I reached 650 bootable on #2 and 655#1 I felt like noob (cpu air) ;__; Still I have to learn a lot about 775 *.* Best Regards
  4. I will accept defeat...I saw Your results on fb...very big respect Bro Can't go below 10.200s...still have to work especially on winxp...but I'm very happy to be a part of this challenge...very good lesson for me Best Regards:)
  5. It's hard to sell this beautiful card
  6. Bump Can You send me PM...how many of L3014 do You have? Best Regards
  7. THX a lot Bro for mems:) Best Regards !!!
  8. THX a lot Bro for Hypers Best Regards
  9. THX a lot BRO!!!...family is groving http://oi66.tinypic.com/2e30i8n.jpg Best Regards !!!
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