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  1. I've seen several videos of people using tap water for CPU and GPU cooling instead of a close loop. I use to live in an area where the tap water was 55F/13C most of the year. That more than 10C cooler than I can get for a closed loop coolant temperature any day of the year where I live now.
  2. I've tried running the Specviewperf 12 CATIA benchmark several times and so far it looks like its only using one GPU. I haven't found an Nvidia setting yet that enables both GPUs for that program.
  3. I ended up fixing the issue by reinstalling Windows 10. Nothing else seemed to work.
  4. I've been though a bunch of troubleshooting with the Futuremark support people and still haven't figured out why the benchmark won't produce a result file. Other versions of 3DMark that use Futuremark SystemInfo work fine and produce valid results. I've uninstalled 3DMark11, rebooted, deleted any remaining files in the 3DMark11 folders, rebooted, and reinstalled and still have the same issue. I've used the same downloaded installer to install 3DMark11 on another system and it works without any issues. After multiple days of email exchanges with their support people I'm at the point where getting a spare drive and doing a new OS install may be my next troubleshooting step.
  5. I also tried it with Scan SystemInfo unchecked in the help screen and get the same error.
  6. I tried that. I downloaded an older 3DMark11 version. I had it update to the newest version. Then I installed Futuremark SystemInfo version 5.27. I still have the same issue. Futuremark support says its due to a zero in the XML fire that SystemInfo creates in a place where it shouldn't have a zero. I assume it means something in the system or benchmark results isn't being detected correctly.
  7. I'm using the newest versions of both. I also tried using an older version of systeminfo because I didn't have the problem a few months ago. I also tried running it without systeminfo enabled to see if that was the issue and I still get that error message.
  8. Can this be deleted. I submitted it as a 2x 2080 Super and it shows up as one 2080 Super.
  9. I tried 3DMark11 on a completely stock speed system before any overclocking and I'm getting an error message. 3DMark11 run correctly through all the tests then keeps giving this error at the end: "hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character" 3DMark support says its an issue with 3DMark system info. I uninstalled Futuremakr System Info, rebooted, downloaded the latest version of system info, installed it, then rebooted and I still get the same issue. After it was uninstalled, I checked and everything related to Futuremark was removed from the appdata folder. It worked fine a few months ago on the same system, and now it doesn't work. Any other suggestion on how to fix it?
  10. I submitted this as a 2x GPU score and its showing up as a 1X GPU score. I don't know why.
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