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  1. thanks alot for sharing! it is impossible to find working links on the net
  2. thanks guys.. @MASTERCHIEF79 You will laugh when u see rice insulation and wont know how great it is till you try it for the efficiency, it was really hard to squeeze the cpu for this MHZ, it is not that type you just hit 6971mhz and run have fun ,else fyi we have 359.. efficiency easily and with more work have to hit 358... is okay..
  3. and this is our rice powered setup.. you can bench 1week without resting
  4. hi guysss... had some issues so couldnt login,, thanks for your good comments, here some screens and videos Windows bootup 32M,, just testing CPU MHZ,,, note that we didnt try higher then 6.9GHZ yet
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