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  1. 4930K: 3325A911 e4 (4.5 GHz - cinebench @1.2 V) validation will come later.. just switched CPU
  2. i have a nice 4930K here I will test XTU @ 4.9 GHz on request, here's a screen: http://imgur.com/tsTX3qc
  3. DrOwnz

    WTB very good psc

    got some 2200 C7 pis
  4. could you recheck by using dhl? (hope you can access a DHL-store) http://dct.dhl.com/input.jsp?langId=en for receicing use 63457 as ZIP code
  5. i'm interested, how much will shipping cost from the US to germany? could you look it up?
  6. DrOwnz

    R 7970 lightning

    Hey folks, looking for a 7970 lightning, - no need for unlocked Version - no need for good LN2 results - perfect would be 1300 MHz Core @ Air just show me what you have
  7. thx, there is a lot more possible, system crashed... got water into ram slots
  8. Hey, anyone already told the admins/mods that the new richland-athlon is missing? have a result with these little beasts ^^
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