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  1. Glad it worked out for you . I fried my chip ( inserted it wrong ) Send us a like if I was helpful , make a name here for myself Thanks
  2. Ebay Here for example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BIOS-Chip-ASUS-Z170I-PRO-GAMING/401105188104?hash=item5d63bb7508:g:RpAAAOSwKfVXEKR1 Message the seller , ask for board and bios version - Bingo !
  3. Its piss easy, just download the zip from the GitHub link , within the above post . Extract , run both the serial and parallel driver exe's ( you may need to uninstall first - I did ) Restart your machine, Load the 'Asprogrammer.exe' , click on hardware tab >select CH341a ( or whatever matches your usb tool ) > Click 'IC' >search Type in your IC code ( the markings on your chip - Mine is 25Q128F) >select your IC from results > Click read . From this point its pretty straight forward
  4. Try using Asprogrammer , there is support for Ch341 added . I https://www.goprawn.com/forum/action-cam-control-software/8588-asprogrammer-with-ch341a-support
  5. All fixed now . A New BIOS chip with release BIOS (first version ) worked perfect . I then proceeded to update to 8001 @DarthFK Go get yourself a new BIOS chip with a Preloaded early BIOS version ( as I did for £8 ) , chances are the Intel ME Firmware has bricked the BIOS chip
  6. I have the same model Programmer but , not having this issue . Though I did note that only the 1.18 version of the program allowed to read the chip, all other versions had problems . The 1.18 version did not identify my BIOS chip and the chip is not listed within the lookup utility within the flashing program . I noticed the newer versions of the flashtool has more entries within the chip finder utility . I could also write to my chip though something must have gone wrong as I cannot get a POST with the chip irrelevant of version I flash to it . I originally presumed I fried the chip ,
  7. Hi DarthFK I dont see the harm in adding to this thread, as it gives a better context of what we are trying to achive and shows its been done before I suspect the issue is the Intel ME firmware which somehow interferes with the BIOS versioning. I heave heard from a BIOS chip supplier that the ME Firmware is burned onto the BIOS chip or added to the Microcode and it cannot be downgraded . Lucky for me, I have a socketed type of BIOS chip . I also went out to and Purchased a USB Bios programmer tool ( the tool has a clip on alligator style receptacle for soldered on chips th
  8. Historically I have successfully overclocked 'non-K' Skylake CPU's using modified Z170 BIOS for Gigabyte Mobos (bclk unlock) . I used modded BIOS files that are based on older BIOS versions IIRC . I done this around 2017 and subsequently acquired more PC's to play with . Today I forced downgraded My ASUS Z-170 P , the mobo's built in flash tool "EZ FLASH" would not allow me to downgrade . So I flashed using a FreeDOs (created with RUFUS ) with the 'AFUDOS.exe' program ( See video Youtube vid) . The board was previously running a 2018 BIOS ( 3805 ) with ME Firmware
  9. Added entry for notifications
  10. I also have the Z170P I'd previously loaded unlocked Bclck with Provided unofficial BIOS for Z170 motherboards , as you can see here , there are many unofficial BIOS for unlocking the Bclck, on Z170 motherboards . : I previously had a 6500 running at 4.5Ghz on a GA 170 ( Gigabyte ) board . This was around a year ago . Today I flashed an ASUS Z-170 P , I flashed using a FreeDOs USB with the 'AFUDOS.exe' program ( See video Youtube vid) . The board was previously running a 2018 BIOS ( 3805 ) with ME Firmware I downloaded the custom firmware from this thread ( Asus Z
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