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  1. newlife

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    I still need to get some decent memory but I'll join in with you guys when I get some free time
  2. Does this make your penis feel big?
  3. What the fuck cunt? Crossfire isn't enabled nor does it support 3 cards
  4. newlife

    _mat_ - Ryzen 7 2700X @ 3530MHz - 1566 marks XTU

    Well you just broke overclocking
  5. Reporting someone's sub after it has already been mod approved is pretty low
  6. Really? They are pretty much picking on them and claiming they are cheaters so they frankly deserve worse given it's nothing but being buthurt as they got beaten by a highly skilled upcomer
  7. So much salt it's extremely funny and the butthurt over Daryl winning is just sad
  8. Was great to see @unityofsaints XP is extremely easy to get running on Z370
  9. Was definitely a great event and am looking forward to next year
  10. Nice frequency but did you try BDC? http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=86959
  11. newlife

    New XTU version v6.4.1.12

    You do realise that xtu has been easy to cheat numerous times before but never had the old subs removed just updated to stop cheats