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  1. Good balance is when you put a lot of effort. Improves skills in the hardware modifications and tweaking. Long work, some years, to get a good result. I can see here, more very easy points to attract more users. This monetization of the project? Cash back points, selfie points, follower points, boints shop. What's next? Where to vote? I think that the overclocking community would not approve these changes. Especially the destruction of the system hardware points. I don't care about the overall ranking, globals. But I care about the hardware points. HARDware points, it must be HARD, leave them alone.
  2. Not very long, 6 months ago I sent last result v2.27. Bugs? They are in many benchmark, but are easily identified. I have never had any problems or bugs with 2.27, this stable working version.
  3. Aquamark3 rules - ''Allowed benchmark versions HWBOT Launcher V2.x'' v2.27 is not V2.x ?
  4. Hello. I have the results and backups in version 2.27.104. I wanted to submit, but I see that 2.27.104 now is not supported. Is it possible to send the result? And the second question. Why stop supported version 2.27.104? It worked steadily in the XP. The new versions do not saved correct file in XP. Thanks.
  5. If you buy a lot of top VGA and 8c16t CPU every year, you get a high easy globals. Less sports, but more users, clicks. I do not like it. But I understand, this business as always.
  6. tested, no temperature difference http://img.maryno.net/images/e229a12ff47cc9c716b9c88cfee6a690/4b13aadfe3e95ced22ff876d07b598d1.jpeg
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