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  1. Z390 Dark also supported XP, think Z490 Dark also does
  2. So, we can only compete in one division, in each of 3 stages? That will be 3 competitions anually, and we have to fill 10 slots... Since manufacturer comps are dead, those 10 slots will be impossible to fill... Nice work :D
  3. When are they expected to start? No 3D? Only 1 division per user?
  4. So, this is a poll where the most voted option isn't the winner? Nice................
  5. Before they were general, it said the position between all members of your country of any league, and not the same members of your league in your country...
  6. I like the idea of the Seasonal Ranking, in not so active countries like mine it has always been the same old guys that don't touch HWBOT since like 5 years, and new users don't have motivation to climb since it's imposible to reach them.... With season ranking there's a chance for new users to get a good place since we all start at cero...
  7. Hope it's an ATX with only 2 dimms, Z170 MOCF is great but no place for multi-GPU
  8. Catzilla 720p gives globals and WR but doesn't give HW Points? WTF
  9. Lot of thanks for you Splave and for Nick, great work on this... Thanks for keeping our Z170 MOCF alive
  10. So, plans are to release a new bios with bug fixes + AFD that supports coffee?
  11. This is due to lack of support of Coffee Lake in AFD, same happened with kaby at launch... If you set it on bios, it works fine?
  12. Damn, only 1 point from GFP, epic score! Hope you can push it a bit more next time
  13. This... Old versions are dead since 3.3 was launched... Except you make 3.2 mandatory (Which will leave new HW users without support), everybody will prefer to bench 3.3
  14. 110pts with 5200MHz 7700K, seems it's good
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