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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing I have a 480 dead to be cut but only pin out stopped me from doing the tests. I don't have a 480 alive. Up6210 takes the 12v from pcie, did you connect 12v from atx to pcie?
  2. I made that phase for quad core loads, is the tiny one, we should try this next time and with a chiller
  3. Grazie, quelle psc non erano molto buone, se non ricordo male ero a 2400mhz 7-11-8-26 1t tcwl 7 con secondari tirati
  4. Man, it's not allowed, see rules again, lucid virtu is clearly reported under "disallowed tweaks"
  5. Yes SoF, there is and it's very simple and legal. Is a bit sad to see that most of guys do not try even the most common tweaks.... gpu 1.46v load, does not seem a good card
  6. Hi Sweet, the card is a 7970, don't know why in validation link is 280x and don't know why it says "Processor is not recognized" I had this card for a few days, I tried but have not solved the problem. I thought it was a system info problem but with 4.30 you can see was the same http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/4752946
  7. This card is not good, I have epower on and do 900/2300 with 1.52v..... On 2001 is very hard, with 173.69 is unstable, max clock 870. I'm tying from 2 hours but can't reach you...
  8. Suzuki I told you last time, I use a waterchiller and hwbot staff confirmed that is fine in enthusiast league so wait me for 01 I'm working on it
  9. Thank you! There was ek wb for the gpu and alphacool mini-blocks for the rams, I added the rams cooling because were very hot. I have a water chiller and the temperature was around 6 ° -10 ° depending on humidity and ambient temp. The problem with this rams cooling is that it is uncomfortable but mostly it kills the flow... I haven't used for any other vga yet...
  10. Thank you Andrix, I'll try... have other tweaks to be tested, I can't increace the frequency with water cooling... @Doug If you read this, I solved the problem with cpuz, was the north bridge voltage too low, 0.15 more and no problem
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