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  1. Leeghoofd, what's up with the numerous Fire Strike Extreme subs "at least 7" without a full verification screenshot or the valid competition background? Reading the rules it appears that these things need to be included. Also I assume the HWBOT standard rules apply for Fire Strike Extreme as well. Maybe I am missing something and maybe not, but could you please look in to this. TIA
  2. I re-benched 20+ times since replacing the caps, best nature score I could get was 410 so I have to say you were correct that there has to be a bug, moving on to a fresh install
  3. leeghoofd, Did you notice the memory speed? the closest competition is 1600MHz, mine was clocked and running at 2500MHz, possibly nature responded to my high mem speed? anyways that run blew 2 capacitors on the board. If I run it again and get close to the same score what are my options? Please advise
  4. Thanks, Blew 2 caps on that run, just got it running again now but it's getting tired
  5. For Unigine Heaven - Basic in the above competition is windows 10 allowed in any capacity? Tia
  6. Works great for me, Thanks for all the hard work
  7. My guess is that they will take this time to address multiple issues which will result in a better experience for all, just sit tight and be patient.
  8. Thanks for the insight, I am running AMD so there are quite a few hurdles to overcome in order for me to be truly competitive, I'll keep working at it.
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