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  1. never mind i found it. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/216553/galaxy-rtx2080ti-11264-181010 my bad. sry. I will try flashing it and will give feedback Edit: tried but: XUSB FW component of the input GPU firmware image is imcompatible its like the firmware image is too new, to flash this one. if anybody have some suggestions it would be great.
  2. Hi i have the same Card and the same problem. Did you manage to solve the problem? or can anybody help with this? The best thing would be the following: Power Limit: Unlimited | Overvoltage: Yes (up to 1.125V) | Voltage/Frequency Curve Editor: Enabled | 2D Clocks: Core (Yes) / Memory (Yes) | Fan Adjustable: Yes
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