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  1. rivaldokfc

    FS: Z170M OC Formula + 7700k package

    is that a sample board or retail board?
  2. rivaldokfc

    [FS] Asus X48 REX, Giga EP45-UD3P, Crucial DDR2 (US)

    Is rex ship to china?
  3. rivaldokfc

    [FS]4133 B-die !

  4. rivaldokfc

    (FS)1151 cpus/ ram/ gpus

    you are absolutely right
  5. rivaldokfc

    (FS)1151 cpus/ ram/ gpus

    you should leave us chance for Michael's goodies。@_@
  6. rivaldokfc

    (Appraisal) EP45T Extreme

  7. rivaldokfc

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    how about the 1.94A beta bios?
  8. rivaldokfc

    B-Die Binning

    Exactly the truth. 从我的 iPhone å‘é€ï¼Œä½¿ç”¨ Tapatalk
  9. rivaldokfc

    [FS] Big B-die Sale + 7350K !

    Where is the godlike team kit? 从我的 iPhone å‘é€ï¼Œä½¿ç”¨ Tapatalk
  10. rivaldokfc

    [WTB] - 4K+ cl12 waza stable B-Die

    shipping cost sucks....
  11. rivaldokfc

    Abit FTP server re-hosted

    awesome, should have a DFI backup, too
  12. rivaldokfc

    WTB ASUS Rampage Etreme x48

    don't be hesitated, just sell the last two to me:D
  13. rivaldokfc

    WTB ASUS Rampage Etreme x48

    Bbbbbbbump 从我的 iPhone å‘é€ï¼Œä½¿ç”¨ Tapatalk
  14. rivaldokfc

    [EU] For sale GTX2,X99 MB...

    Also want the 2666c10 plat. Kit to my pocket 从我的 iPhone å‘é€ï¼Œä½¿ç”¨ Tapatalk
  15. rivaldokfc

    [EU] For sale GTX2,X99 MB...

    Will take all cmgtx2 从我的 iPhone å‘é€ï¼Œä½¿ç”¨ Tapatalk