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  1. I know that, but iPhone use iOS system (see Geekbench 4), I think is good for other users see the results adding a monitoring program for Geekbench/other submission on unix based systems! Read up: "Allowed operating systems" disabling hw points is possible, hwbot accept, but not accept points from the sub, and that's ok, but the idea is use other monitoring system for unix based, and for that I think is possible add MacCPUID
  2. For sale..


    Motherboard: Abit Ic7, perfect working condition! No tested on ln2

    .... 45 Euro


    RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR 400 khx3200ak2/1g (bh-6)

    .... 20 euro


    Pot: Kingpin dragon f1 Extreme Edition with box

    .... 130 euro


    Dewar: Taylor Wharton Model 18 XT

    .... 300 euro


    Paypal only! shipping in EU

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