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  1. Hi, I'm tryng to post this score into the cup http://hwbot.org/submission/3968516_attilorz_pifast_athlon_xp_m_2600_(barton)_56sec_420ms?recalculate=true but server says there's an error. I tried to sub it few times. Am I missing something?
  2. Hi everyone, i have a question for DDR round, stage 2. The Stage requires 3x Wprime32M submissions with Venice core (s754). As I understood AMD producted just 4 models of Venice processors on 754 (1500+, 3000+,3200+, 3400+). Saw that 1500+ and 3400+ are very hard to find (especially 3400+), are we allowed to use also Palermo cores? Basically Sempron Palermo and Athlon 64 Venice have the same core, but Palermo has less cache. I hope my question was clear. Thank you
  3. Hi, english is quite international language, I do not need any translation. We are not "sigh man" as you say. We will live on anyway even if we lose third place in the cup, but we pretend that rules must be respected. Don't call us sigh man, you're going to win the conpetition anyway, but some subs have to be eliminated. So who is sighing?
  4. Very nice score Stelaras, I saw that this benchmark loses efficiency rising the frequency Can I ask you few questions about the Asus P5A?
  5. Hi, could you please add this motherboard: MSI MS-6163 Pro V2.0 Intel Pentium III E @ 975 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR There is this model into HWBot Database: MSI BX Master (MS-6163) @ HWBOT But this is MSI MS-6163 (without Pro); if you think that it's the same,it will be the fine anyway best regards
  6. Hi, could you add a new smartphone please? it's Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (SM-A310F) Here's validation link CPU-Z VALIDATOR
  7. Please can you add ASUS M2V-MX http://valid.x86.fr/c08b5z Sony corporation VAIO http://valid.x86.fr/6bi3te Thanks!
  8. MSI P41T-C31 http://valid.x86.fr/uarbku Can you add this mobo please?
  9. Can you add this motherboard please? MSI K9N NeoV2/ MS-7369 http://valid.x86.fr/622zyc
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