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  1. Looking for a strong imc and sp100+12900k. If you have, please pm.
  2. Looking for a strong daily 5950x which can do 48.3/47.3 at 1.208v load ( the best I have seen so far) or lower is better with normal water temp . No magic water temp here and need proof of hydra showing it has platinum ccd. Thanks.
  3. Looking for sp95+ 11900k so I can daily use it under water. Thanks.
  4. Looking for a cheap one. Thanks.
  5. Yes I know there is some exception. I want a chip which can do 5.5ghz with direct die cooling at 1.3v. I saw 1 sp98 can do it with 1.3v. My sp94 needs 1.385v so it cant do 5.6 or 5.7. sp118 goes back to sp63 after bios update.
  6. 2 sp63 1 sp94, so sick of this lottery drawing.
  7. Anyone has sp100+ 10900k for sale? Thanks.
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