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  1. Looking for sp95+ 11900k so I can daily use it under water. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a cheap one. Thanks.
  3. Yes I know there is some exception. I want a chip which can do 5.5ghz with direct die cooling at 1.3v. I saw 1 sp98 can do it with 1.3v. My sp94 needs 1.385v so it cant do 5.6 or 5.7. sp118 goes back to sp63 after bios update.
  4. 2 sp63 1 sp94, so sick of this lottery drawing.
  5. Anyone has sp100+ 10900k for sale? Thanks.
  6. Just buy a direct die from supercool computer and any potato chip can do 5.4ghz at 1.3v. My chip is able to do 5.5ghz at 1.35v with direct die.
  7. Apex got from dummo and it has been used like 2-3 months. 9900kf is from shar. It can do 5.3ghz at 1.24v llc8. Thanks.
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