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  1. Thanks Roman, we're in safe hands !!!
  2. ivaneza

    WTB Binned B-Die

    THIS!!! Waiting for your 32M killer run as usual Jayson 😎
  3. Well, I mean you can install Windows 7 on your internal drive via bootable USB drive... Have you try to Install Windows on your internal drive via bootable USB drive before? All you need is just Windows ISO and a software to make your ISO bootable via USB drive.. Since Windows 7 doesn't has driver for Z390, it is necessary to add additional driver to your Windows 7 boootable USB drive just like Chispy's said on his post before..
  4. For me Chispy's post above is easier to do.. First make bootable drive with your Win7 ISO, then download utility from Gigabyte (Windows USB Installation Tool - B17.1116.1) and run it, make sure you checked "Add USB Drivers to an offline Win7 Image" and choose your bootable drive to add the driver.. After the process done, make sure you locate your bootable drive at USB ports that are located above the HDMI and try boot into it
  5. .TIB is basically a backup file which is can be recovered with Acronis Once you boot with Acronis Bootable Media installed on your stick, just follow steps that Barbonet describe in his video.. then you can choose TIB file and choose which installation drive to recover TIB file, just wait until the process done.. I use Acronis True Image 2013 to make bootable media..
  6. Nope, first place your TIB file to your SSD/HDD.. then create Acronis Bootable Media with USB stick.. the next step is the same as Barbonet's video..
  7. Use Acronis to recover TIB files.. Here's for how to use Acronis for TIB files.. https://barbonenet.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/how-use-my-xp-spi-os/
  8. Just follow these steps: Make sure your USB stick use the Asmedia USB ports that are located above the HDMI just like Alex said in his ROG Maximus XI thread..
  9. So we can say 9900K/9700K won't do 4133C12 and 4600-4800C14 is pretty common Allen?
  10. No matter what platform is, always the same ROG walpaper since 2012 i guess really interesting 4133C17 bin can reach that high compare to 4266C19 any good news for XP bios om?
  11. strong kit indeed, wait for your LN2 result
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