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  1. Yep, after 2 voltages above press F10 Save and Exit, turn of the board, and then enable LN2 Jumper switch
  2. Try to raise SA and IO2 Voltage and lowered uncore freq, i have the same problem too here on Tachyon..
  3. I'm ready to cover international shipping bill, count me in! thanks!
  4. Giga OC board usually has X-bioses for better memory overclocking, I used to play with Z87X-OC and Z97X-SOC Force, both of them has X Bioses.. you can download in tweaktown: GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS - TweakTown Forums GIGABYTE Latest Beta BIOS - TweakTown Forums
  5. Correct, if you aiming to clock high freg samsung, use Impact 7.. mine above 2850ish not producing any good result.. below my screen back then @Kashtan
  6. I will choose Z87 OC Formula and VII Impact, both of them clock every major IC very well, another plus for OCF is you can directy dial in RTLs and IOLs, VII Impact RTLs and IOLs depends on your stick's quality and initial RTL
  7. Nice finding, any pics of them especially IC mark?
  8. I've tried G3258, 4670K, 4770K, 4790K they clock PSC well, slight differences, but the latest 4790K i have which is Vietname one was the best Yep, voltage range not too far away from that
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