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  1. Charles, we've talked about it before on FB messenger, doesn't matter who's the first to report about this, for sure Gigabyte has to take care of it correctly..
  2. Hi Allen.. About RTL, the board set 37-38 it self, I didn't touch anything, but when I try to loosen it to 38-38 or 38-39 it wouldn't post.. As you wish @Splave, below are scores with all cores and HT enable with OCF's timings: ==================================================================================================== 2C/2T scores with OCF's timings:
  3. Hello everyone, I don't know if other user also noticed this problem, but before I decide to write a thread here, I did some testing especially at Gear2 which I feel need more tuning from Gigabyte BIOS Team. Btw I have no issue at Gear1, Gear1 on Z590 Tachyon is flawless both on Single-Rank and Dual-Rank, even managed to get +100Mhz uncore compared to the others board I have. Long story short, I have 2 others boards here (Z590 OC Formula & Maximus XIII Apex). I noticed that OCF and Apex scores on par each other, for example 4800MHz C14-13-13 around 11600-ish Memory Multi-Core GB3, but not with Tachyon, Tachyon scores 11200-ish which is roughly about 400 points less than the others. I did some walkaround to the Tachyon's submission on the HWBot, and I can say that some OCers also face same issue with mine and I am aware that Memory Multi-Core pretty much doesn't bring huge impact to the overall GB3 score. Here I did some testing on OCF (sadly my XIII Apex already sold) and try to make comparison what is going wrong with Tachyon. Note: I use 2 different kits, F4-4800C17D-16GVK and F4-4000C15D-16GRTG because the GVK not working pretty well on Tachyon I am not tied to any board vendor, all the stuff here comes from my own and I have no intention to say bad words to any board vendor Z590 OC FORMULA (BIOS 1.27H) *) 4800MHz 14-13-13 (Base on memory profile each board) GeekBench3 AIDA64 ============================================================================================================= Z590 AORUS TACHYON (BIOS X2G) *) 4800MHz 14-13-13 (Base on memory profile each board) GeekBench3 AIDA64 As we can see, AIDA64 shows that Z590 Tachyon has much lower Copy-Bandwidth, roughly about 5000MB/s less compare to Z590 OC Formula. And in GeekBench3 Memory Multi-Core score breakdown, mostly OC Formula scores better than Tachyon. I did some initial testing also with AIDA64 at 5066MHz 15-15-15, and result is the same, 77K Copy-Bandwidth for OC Formula and 72K Copy-Bandwidth for Tachyon (I forgot to take a screenshot, maybe will test again later). From my personal assumption, I don't know maybe Gigabyte BIOS team choose to loosen some hidden timings for high frequency memory overclocking. Anyway, thanks for reading my thread.
  4. Raise up your TRDWR_xx to 12, lower down TCWL to 9
  5. Looks like OLED display not working is common problem, mine too..
  6. Great LoVo kit, I guess it can take 2.1+ vdimm btw what SA and IOmem at 5200?
  7. Maybe.. looks like memory preset optimized only for Rocket Lake
  8. roughly about .500 second less compared to single rank
  9. Try to set maxmem around 2GB, looks like you forgot to set maxmem first
  10. Yep, after 2 voltages above press F10 Save and Exit, turn of the board, and then enable LN2 Jumper switch
  11. F Thanks mate! Didn't know if there is XP version of GTL
  12. Try to raise SA and IO2 Voltage and lowered uncore freq, i have the same problem too here on Tachyon..
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